Happy Baby


Light, fresh and calming with the scent of sweet orange, lavender and chamomile. You can be any age to spritz this baby and lift the spirits. Blended at the ratio of 1.5% pure essential oils, making it safe and non-overwhelming for bub’s, yet deeply comforting. Hanako Therapies Happy Baby is a blend that was developed especially for little ones and their sensitivity when new to the world. Gem and flower essences, crystal infused water, mantra and love. All Hanako Therapies Baby range essential oil products are at 1% dilution, making it safe for your baby.

AFFIRMATION: “You are safe, secure and always loved.”

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Lightly mist it over them like a soft blanket or apply to the soles of the feet to help them feel safe, happy and relaxed to explore the world. Go get em’ little ones.
Alternatively spray into their room.


Lavender: Relaxes and calms the body and mind. Balances and soothes the emotions and chakras and helps to restore balance to the auric field.

Sweet Orange: Also known as “the smiley oil” it is cheerful, uplifting and joyful, encouraging positive emotions.

Chamomile: Traditionally known as a calmative. Chamomile is deeply relaxing, soothing and comforting, helping to ease any nervous tension being held. Encourages harmony and smooth flow of vital energy, leaving one with a sense of wholeness.

Frankincense: Supports in calming and centering the mind, promoting clarity. Encourages ‘higher’ states of consciousness.

Gem and flower essences, crystal infused water, mantra and love.


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